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If you're reading this, STOP RIGHT NOW AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT! You will be grateful that you chose her as your lash artist and leave knowing that your lashes were handled by a professional!

Sarah takes her time to understand your wants and needs while also helping you understand what's realistic for your eyelashes. She gives her opinion on what would work/not work and cares about your lash health first and foremost. You will not find a lash artist more passionate about the process and finished results than Sarah. She does amazing work and has helped me transition from classic lashes to volume lashes. I'm a firm believer in her skill and highly recommend her to anyone that wants long-lasting, perfectly executed lashes, every single fill.

Make sure you get in while you can before she books up and you have to be waitlisted, you will not regret it.

Annie L.

Shadow on the Wall

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